Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going Quite Well So Far

A couple days in and all is well.  Its funny, the only thing I miss about my cable was the clock that it provided right under my TV.  I used it while playing video games to make sure I didn't play late into the night. hahaha. 

Netflix instant is awesome. I love how much stuff you can watch.  Streaming at 6 MBPS works just fine, which is funny because the Comcast guy said I would need at least 12 MBPS to watch Netflix.  According to the Netflix you only need a minimum of .5 MBPS but they recommend 1.5 MBPS.  Since its just my wife and I that shouldn't be an issue. 

I watched many hours of Top Gear UK last night, and It was great.  I love that show.  To all you gear heads out there, give it a look see.  You can watch it on: Netflix, Comcast On Demand (boo), and do a Google search, there is a website that streams it.

 We haven't tried HuluPlus yet but I'll let you know when we do.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ground Zero

So I've decided today is the day to get rid of Cable. In today's society there is really no need for such a old technology. The internet has everything you need.  

My goal is simple, do not lose any entertainment and save a crap load of money.

This blog is going to demonstrate how you can go without having cable and still watch all your favorite shows. We will post information that will help you avoid the hefty cost of having cable.

My Current Setup
Comcast cable $75 per month
** 1 DVR
** 1 extra receiver (that isn't a DVR)
** The sports package (mostly for the SPEED channel)
** Digital Starter package
* Netflix $10 per month
* Comcast Internet (12 MBPS) $53

Total cost = $138 per month or $1656 per year

My families Current TV interests
* The Killing
* The Walking Dead
* Dexter
* Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives
* Auto Racing
* College Football
* Law and Order
* The X Files
* The Real World
* ETC...

My Current Plan

* Remove Comcast Cable -$75
* Add Hulu Plus +$8
* Configure Boxee Box on a Desktop
* Change to 6 MBPS internet through Comcast -$53 +$53 (Funny thing here is Comcast charges more if you don't go with a package).

The reason I went with Comcast cable is because I don't get anything bigger than 2MBPS DSL though AT&T, not fast enough.

New monthly bill : $71 or $852 per year (a savings of $804/year)

So that is it, my plan is in place. I will hopefully post at least once per week to demonstrate how well/not well its going. Then maybe you can do what I'm doing, and save your family some money.

Until next time.