Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going Quite Well So Far

A couple days in and all is well.  Its funny, the only thing I miss about my cable was the clock that it provided right under my TV.  I used it while playing video games to make sure I didn't play late into the night. hahaha. 

Netflix instant is awesome. I love how much stuff you can watch.  Streaming at 6 MBPS works just fine, which is funny because the Comcast guy said I would need at least 12 MBPS to watch Netflix.  According to the Netflix you only need a minimum of .5 MBPS but they recommend 1.5 MBPS.  Since its just my wife and I that shouldn't be an issue. 

I watched many hours of Top Gear UK last night, and It was great.  I love that show.  To all you gear heads out there, give it a look see.  You can watch it on: Netflix, Comcast On Demand (boo), and do a Google search, there is a website that streams it.

 We haven't tried HuluPlus yet but I'll let you know when we do.