Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5k - Race for the Place

Hi, its me again.  In my last post I talked a little bit about my race that I ran.  From reader feedback (that's you!) it was suggested that I cover a play-by-play for it.  So here goes nothin`...

Race for the place is a 5K race for a domestic violence shelter that is on MSU's campus.  The race also takes place on campus.  If you have ever been to MSU, you will know the campus is huge and it has the Red Ceder river running through it.

Preparation Meal
The night before I had a big ass thing of pasta, it was amazing.  The morning of I had oatmeal, toast, and scrambled egg whites.

They had a nice setup in the Jenison Field house, a bunch of people with signup information, maps, and someone with a microphone that should never have a microphone (isn't that always the case?).  Anyway, they had group stretching before, and the promise of food after, mmmm, food.  About 15 minutes before we made our way to the start where I ran into a fellow coworker.  We chatted it up for a bit, but then we got the 5 minute warning.  Game face, ON!

The Start
Starting line behind people.  Are the slower, faster, no one knows...
I felt the start could have been better.  The announcer was okay, but he did say, "if you run a 6 minute mile come to the front, otherwise go to the back".  Really?!?  Normally they have signs that say "6 minute mile", "7 minute mile" etc...  Even though our timer didn't start until we crossed the line, I still felt I was running over people for the first 1/2 mile.  Part of me also liked this approach as I felt like a Formula one drive cutting through 5 o'clock traffic.

First Mile
The first mile consisted of ducking through traffic and trying not to trample the walkers.  After about the first 1/2 mile things slowed, but lots of overtake maneuvers continued.  We ran out to Grand River, then started up, what I thought, was a never ending incline.  The first mile ended along the Red Ceder.  After the first mile (which I ran in 8 minutes, 35 seconds) I felt I was going to fast, but the timer tricked me.  The timer on the board clocked when they fired the gun, not when we actually started, so I felt I was going really slow, and I was tired.  This was frustrating at the time, but looking back on it, it helped me in the end.  I trucked on, wanting to start walking, but continuing in full stride.

Mile Number Two
The second mile was a long stint along the Red Ceder river, very beautiful time of year for it as well.  We went from where ever we were to Hagadorn (all the way across campus).  Finally I hit the 2 mile mark where such promised water from the announcer was presented. There was a nice group of old ladies at the 2 mile mark that were handing out water cups.  I ran straight at them and said, "oh god thank you". The lady was trying not to giggle at me, and said, "keep it up, 1.1 more to go."  1/2 the cup was in my mouth, the other on my face.  Felt amazing.  I really thought I was a goner, but that little bit of water made all the difference.  Amazing!  So, if you do ever setup a water station, best advice, setup a couple trash cans a couple 100 meters away.  People were just throwing the cups down after they were done.  I did the nice thing and put the paper cup in my pocket, but it is something that could totally be avoided.

The Last One plus point one
Coming up on mile #3 I got really excited.  I could hear the people cheering in the background, and I though, I'm close.  I kicked it up a couple notches, thinking I should only have .1 miles left.  I was ... wrong. The finish line was in site, but what I didn't realize is that I had to run around Munn Ice Arena and then hit the finish line on my way back.  I was like, what wait, why?  I carried on, slowed a little, almost walked, but continued to run.  Once I saw the finish line in my path, I stepped it up a notch or 2.  Passed a couple more people and finished.  While walking through the finish line I was greeted with 2 choices: Chocolate Milk or water.  I looked at the milk guy and thought "milk is a bad choice", and went for the water.  The time was 25:27!!  Not bad for not running a 5k in 10 years!.

I sat and cheered on my wife as she finished.  We went inside to find a great assortment of food.  I finished 10th in my age group, which isn't to bad for little old me :) (i know i'm not old, but i feel it sometimes).

After Effects
I decided to take 1 week off of working out since I felt my knee was still having issues.  I think I just have runners knee, but its annoying.  It seemed to just flare up recently.  I'm hoping eventually it will go away.

Overall it was a great experience and I am looking forward to the 3 other ones that I'm doing this year.  Lastly I leave you with this:

My wife showed me this, I lol'd.  ENJOY!